Electronic Lisbon

In case you're in Lisbon in next weeks and fancy some beats and glitchs there's a lot going on.

Howe Gelb  (not electronic, low-fi-soul-rock)
at Centro Olga Cadaval 21 Oct (20-24€),

Nosaj Thing (awesome!, post-dub)
at Music Box 15th (9€),

Minilogue (minimal electro, Sonic Fresh Event)
at Lux 17 Sep (15€),

Le Castle Vania (indiedub)
at Loading 17th (10€),

BOYS NOIZE RECORDS: Les Petit Pilous + Housemeister + Gunrose (dubstep)
at Lux 22 September,

Designer Drugs (noisy, nice)
at TBA 24th,

Oliver Huntemann (minimal techno)
at OpArt 24th (15€),

Dezperados with Peaches (crazy people are crazy, you know, we like that.)
at Lux 29th Sep.

Koreless (post-dub, good)
at MusicBox 30 Sep (10€),

Jacques Greene (worth it, new)
at MusicBox 20 Oct (Free),

Junior Boys & Sun Airway (always nice to hear this people, smooth electronic)
at MusicBox 22 Oct (12€),

Tom Vek (idm?, interesting, sexy)
at Music Box 28th Oct (12€).

Links for more info. 

Don't you love Lisbon? See you around.

Old Weapons

And if you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby.