By Your Side

I'll scrub your floor
Never be a bore
I'll tuck you in
I do not snore
I'd wear your black eyes
Bake you apple pies
I don't ask why
And I'll try not to cry

I will never find anything as strange and magical as Cocorosie. The most unlikely voices make one hell of a duo. I saw them live and it was the best gig I saw in my entire life. Really. They even have a guy beatboxing which tours with them and does all the would-be electronic. Magical. Weird. Lovely.


Dream On

What you take wont kill you
But careful what you're given

I do believe in Karma. If you listen to the lyrics of this song, you'll notice Dave is talking about it. It's such a desperate feeling, such a hopeless cry. "Dream on, dream on.." It doesn't matter what you do, you've already lost.


Paradise (Not For Me)

I can't remember
When I was young
I can't explain
If it was wrong


I was so blind
I could not see
Your paradise
Is not for me

I can honestly say I like the Madonna shows more than I like her songs.
Why is it so not cool for "alternative" audiences to love Madonna? I do.

Old Weapons

And if you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby.