The Pleasure Is All Mine

The pleasure is all mine
To finally let go
And defend me
We float

I imagine this song being about an orgasm. A selfish, slow and amazing one. The kind you don't share and keep secret about. Are you not proud?
There's an acoustical version of this song that sounds even better (sadly, it's not on youtube). Go Bjork!


In the Pines

Well I asked the captain
For the time of day
He said he
Threw his watch away

(He used to be known as "Smog", now he's just Bill. And if you don't already own "A River Ain't To Much Too Love" stop what you're doing and go get it. Now. I'm serious, go! )


Without You I'm Nothing

I'm unclean, a libertine
And every time you vent your spleen
I seem to lose the power of speech,
Your slipping slowly from my reach.
You grow me like an evergreen,
You've never see the lonely me at all.

Back in the days when Molko was still an angry little girl. I'll always be a fan. (oh, and hello Bowie!)
This chorus has been my all-time favorite for such a long time.. I've used the line "I'm unclean, a libertine" more times than I should've. Oh well.. Tick, Tick Tack.


Professional Distortion

I'm in the loop, I am the loop.

(not live, but still cool. Old Kittin was way cooler than now)


Lose You

Push it and nothing
How does it happen

(if you want, skip the first 1:30 minutes. Top favourite music videos of all time)



Don't even visit that place,
They'll sharpen their teeth on your smile.

Some part of you, too small to lose.

Old Weapons

And if you can't dance to this you can't do nothing for me baby.